Where to buy cheap clomid

Where can i buy clomid for cheap and then make the best use of it anon335020 Post 56 Clomid is a miracle drug for breast cancer. I have had both my breasts removed in the last two-and-a- half years and have a good amount of surgery to deal with the scarring. I do not breastfeed and just found out tonight she is on the pill. I can not imagine life without breast milk. I have now turned to clomid after being on the Depo/Ritalin drug combination. This is what I call a drug with side effects, but not bad ones. I have read on other sites that clomid is not very expensive at the drugstores. I will be going through more pain and scarring surgery taking pills that I cannot afford later. If clomid clomid fertility drug twins is the only treatment I can afford then should be willing to pay it. It is time I where can i buy clomid for cheap have the right to a safe form of hormone replacement and not just breast cancer. Anon335020 -- I want to be your poster child. I hope this helps save lives. The next person to post what they took for the first time, they can be the poster for cause. And then the next person can buy clomid without fear of the drug being illegal. Buy clomid tablets in uk I am a cancer survivor and I am very much in need of support. Even if I do not sell this message it will help people understand the need for such drug. view entire post anon326863 Post 53 Having breast cancer, I am now on the Depo-Provera drug. I am on the pill, but I don't have any side effects. The breast changes that I have had may end up making me lose weight or get a cyst which will be horrible surprise. My friend is also on Depo-Provera and she says it's hard work and is only effective for a short period of time. Depo-Provera also makes you extremely tired. I think I'll be taking it for five years or longer. Can anyone recommend something safe that is also effective? anon325948 Post 52 Clomid is an injectable fertility drug. It will not be an option if you're on hormonal contraception because it won't interfere with ovulation. anon325879 Post 51 I am 23 and had breast cancer 10 years ago. I am currently on DPA 3.75 mg daily and I am hoping to start with two tablets a day, every six hours. I have never heard of clomid before but I'm reading people say it's the cure for breast cancer. It's not, a fertility drug. There are plenty of other drugs that can make you produce and sustain child. anon325785 Post 50 For the past five months I've been on Depo-Provera, a hormone contraceptive that works by disrupting your hormones. My last two cycles have been a disaster. My breasts are smaller than they were before, and my periods are completely inconsistent. I've been on it for six months now, and I want to take it off because I feel like I'm only having sex a couple times month. I'm so upset that the doctor gave me Depo-Provera and that she didn't tell me this before starting on it. Can anyone help me out? anon325678 Post 49 This is about Clomid, a drug that is not FDA approved and isn't prescribed for use. I went through a procedure several years ago to repair my uterus. I had three failed procedures before finally getting a mastectomy and having hysterectomy to make way for a small-size uterus so I could continue to conceive. went through the surgery, but I was extremely ill and in pain because of the surgery.