Customer Comments

"Thank you for allowing me to sample your program prior to purchasing. It provided me with a business card I am very happy to have my name on."

"Made these business cards for my older sister who sells home-crafted dolls at a table in the mall. She sold 5 dolls in one day. She needs the money as she is on a fixed income and this has really encouraged her. Thanks!"

"I tried your free trial one time, I was very pleased with just the trial and the simplicity to create a very impressive buss. card. Thank You."

"Love the software, it's fully functional and like that I only have to make up one card and it will print a whole sheet."

"This is an excellent program! It combines the editing of MS Word with the text box adding of MS Visio!"

"I am in love with this program and thanks for letting me try it free. I definitely want to purchase it!"

"Cool software - got it from TUCOWS"

"I already have your Visual Labels program and the business card program is just as easy. Both are great!"

"I really like the ease of use your programs offer. I am trying to start my own business and these programs have been of great use to me. Thanks for your programs"

"I do a lot of photo and digital graphics and your program allows me to use them on business cards with the same quality as when I create them. I have a lot of software and yours outshines them all. You have a great software. Very user friendly to those of us who are used to graphic programs."

"I've tried your business card software for two days and really like it. Thanks for developing a nice product."

"Good Product Enjoy it's ease of use and functionality. Did wonders for the business."

"I really like the software. And I appreciate the opportunity to try it out first. I like knowing what I'm getting. Thanks"

"I am having a lot of fun designing my own business cards. I could probably do the same thing in Adobe Photo shop, with a lot of time and patience. Now I don't have to. Thanks"

"This is THE BEST business card program!! I feel like I have tried them all and spent WAY too much money doing it. I LOVE this program! Thank you"

"I was leery at first but once I started to 'tinker' I found that this is absolutely the easiest piece of software that I've worked with lately... Keep up the good work..... "

"Love your program. Finally something that really works well."

"I have just downloaded this software and am now printing out some cards, I have tried others but this leaves them far behind. I will be recommending you to friends."

"I like your "try before you buy" policy. Your software is exactly what I was looking for and worth every penny it costs."

"I have been using visual business cards for over a week now and am very satisfied with the results. The cards are very professional."

"The easiest method of making business cards that I have found, considering that I have been on the computer for about a month, you must have taken us old fellers into consideration when you made this program. THANKS."

"Thank you for the opportunity to preview the Business cards first hand. I found them to be very helpful and a positive asset to my work. Thank you for your product."

"We downloaded the other day and have printed 5 different sets of cards--everything works even better than I hoped it would! Wow, what a wonderful program!"

"I downloaded the trial version and I like it very much. People who we give our business cards to are very impressed. Even local business card printers are not even able to compete with this type of service and creations. Thanks"

"I downloaded a trial copy of your software and immediately upon use was very impressed. I see why you're willing to offer a 30 day free tryout, the software speaks for itself. It's very well designed and easy (intuitive) to use. Just wanted to commend whoever wrote the's really sweet! "

"After having a single email answered, two times w/separate ways to fix the problem, you have won me over w/a great program and wonderful support. The big guys need to take a lesson from you guys. Congrats.............."

"Very nice software!! I tried a number of programs before selecting yours. Found it through ZDNet .. the high rating got my attention :-)"

"Outstanding software! This is without doubt the best value for money software I've ever bought. It's so easy to use and really configurable for all the weird size cards I use. Brilliant! I am *very* impressed."

"Great job on the software. I found the program easy to use and I really liked the word wrap feature and all the different ways you can shade and shadow your fonts. Well worth the 20 bucks!"

"I downloaded all available business card programs and found yours the best. It was easy to use, great program."

"Great Program. It beats out the others I have tried, especially graphics and import capability."

"Are you guys trying to put Gates out of business? not only was it easy and simple to use it worked with out a glitch. it did everything I wanted the first time. thanks"